UPS / Generator System Maintenance

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Maintenance Programs and Contracts

Along with the battery system maintenance we also offer complete UPS System or Generator maintenance programs and contracts.

The PM contracts vary in frequency of visits, what is included as part of the contract but offers preferential rates for call outs to breakdowns, preferential rates for spares used, 24hr phone help and assistance, also for contract owners we will offer special discounts if equipment needs to be replaced.

As a vendor neutral company, we have positioned ourselves to be able to offer this service to customers with a wide variety of manufacturers different UPS Systems.

Generator systems are the same, we can offer solutions based on the above, or upgrades if the existing load has increased significantly over time, and sometimes it needs a load test to ascertain whether the Generator is still capable of handling the load. Crucial Power can offer this service as part of PM visits.

We can also offer the load test service as a one-off visit, putting your mind at rest that the generator you have is still functioning, as originally designed to do.

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