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The sole function of the Standby Power Consultancy is to offer our clients the BEST consultancy recommendations based on our broad base of knowledge gained from over 30 years of working and being part of the Standby Power Industry, our knowledge and expertise covers, Rotary Diesel Generators and associated components, AC UPS Systems, Batteries, their technology and best practice, DC UPS, and working with close associates we can include Power Factor Correction and Power Quality in our consultancy remit.

Medical Installations

This area is our main focus, we offer our services to support the ongoing work that Estates and Maintenance personell have to do to keep our Hospitals and Clinics working 365 days per year. The complexity of a Medical Installation means that it is difficult to keep track of inventory,and difficult to constantly be asking, Is that assett capable of supporting us should we lose power? Are those batteries the best for the job? Is our Generator big enough?... does it work? and the most important question that we live our working life with is...WHAT IF? and its this question we ask at every turn when undertaking our role for a Client... and the question is constantly asked when we evaluate a piece of Standby Power Equipment, whether Rotary or Static... We ask all the questions of your current installed equipment, and the What if?... To give our clients the correct, comprehensive answer and reccomendations to ensure they have a secure and resilient Standby Power Network.

We use the latest HTM Publications as the framework to work from, also judging compliance of those, along with ensuring BS/EN standards are also complied with.There are many parts of the chain to be evaluated when there is a Power Loss, these include, but are not limited to, changeover switching, load acceptance on AVR's, load shedding (may be) breaker function, and so on.. so our previous Hospital and Clinical experience with those functions and the rest of the Standby Power equipment comes to the fore when advising our clients on the best practice, product reccomendations, or best action to take to achieve the functioning of those parts, and the resilience our clients need, and more important, think they have.

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