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How does it affect me and my business?

If you are a UK electrical consumer, you should know about your Power Factor. Many electricity companies charge a penalty tarrif for using electrical energy inefficiently this penalty is based around the power factor value calculated from your electricity usage. Power factor is restored with the use of capacitors installed within Power Factor Correction Units these being designed around the anticipated usage of each building.

Installation & Commissioning

Our equipment is designed to facilitate common straightforward installation either by our customers electrical contract staff, or directly by our own experienced installation engineers.

Our Guarantee

Crucial Power’s products and services are subject to a full guarantee within the recommendations of BEAMA.

Competitive Pricing

Despite our commitment to using the highest quality components, ensuring the maximum possible product life, we always endeavour to provide our products at the best possible price.

Consultation Service

Our Specialist Engineers are available to discuss your requirements and carry out Power Factor or Power Quality Surveys in order to provide you with a prompt and precise quotation, without obligation.

Comprehensive Product Range

Crucial Power offer a wide range of Power Factor Correction (PFC) enclosures which are often designed specifically to suit our customer's requirements.

Product Maintenance

It is recommended that all Power Factor Correction products and especially filters be regularly maintained. Crucial Power UK offers a nationwide service, coupled with an emergency call-out facility if required. This service is available for all types of PFC equipment, regardless of manufacturer.

Low Loss, Self-Healing Capacitors

Our PFC capacitor elements are of a high quality, low loss design that has self-healing characteristics. Their low operating temperature reduces heat derived dielectric ageing, improves reliability and consequently extends product life. Hence our standard capacitor elements can be contained within IP (Ingress Protection) enclosures for application in dusty or damp atmospheres. A fail-safe protection cutout is also incorporated, which disconnects the capacitor in the event of electrical or thermal overloading, or by dielectric ageing at the end of the capacitor's useful life.

Modular Construction

Our Power Factor Correction products are modular, the overall kVAr rating being made up of individual capacitor elements which are banked together in steps which are independently protected. Should one element fail, other elements remain operational. This expended element is clearly visible and so it's replacement is straight forward. Maintenance is hence simplified and can be performed on-site, further reducing system down-time and costs.


Our PFC equipment is manufactured to comply with:VDE 0560 part 41, BS EN 60831-1, BS EN 61921, BS EN 60831-2. We are registered to: BS EN ISO9001:2000.

Harmonics & Power Quality

Crucial Power has established itself as a competent solution provider in this field. Poor power quality manifests itself by causing nuisance tripping and in severe cases damage to the electrical network and connected equipment. Our power quality division is fully equipped to carry out system analysis and offer remedial solutions for power quality issues.

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