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Crucial Power (UK) ltd formerly Enertec Energy has been a supplier of UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supplies) Generators, Batteries, as well as Power Factor Correction equipment and comprehensive maintenance programs for the past ten years.

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We are a new brand of independent company formed to provide our customers with unbiased, reliable, solutions for their entire Standby Power needs.

We have cemented strong and mutually beneficial alliances with strategic companies nationwide so that Crucial Power (UK) ltd can draw on that expertise when needed ensuring the best products and services are offered at very competitive prices Countrywide.

Our products and services include, Hire of Generators, Bespoke Generator design and build, new UPS supply from 700vA upwards, Emergency call out contracts, Power factor Correction and Power conditioning equipment and maintenance, load bank hire and supply and building load testing services.


Crucial Power can supply new and replacement UPS systems from 700Va to several hundred's of Kva utilizing the most reliable, current and cost effective solutions and choosing from several manufacturers, to ensure our customers have the best product for the job.

We have been in this business for many years and using not only our experience but also that of our network of independent companies with whom we work, we will ensure the reliability of your power needs from the date of Install and for its lifetime.

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Standby Power Consultancy

The sole function of the Standby Power Consultancy is to offer our clients the BEST consultancy recommendations based on our broad base of knowledge gained from over 30 years of working and being part of the Standby Power Industry.

Our knowledge and expertise covers, Rotary Diesel Generators and associated components, AC UPS Systems, Batteries, their technology and best practice, DC UPS, and working with close associates we can include Power Factor Correction and Power Quality in our consultancy remit.

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We offer products to meet a wide variety of applications including conventional Single or Paralleling Standby Generators, Prime Power, and Utility Paralleling Systems.

In conjunction with each individual customer, we will interpret their request and recommend a solution for temporary power requirements, or permanent Prime Power or Stand by Power, whether it is by the provision of a single generator operating in the standby application, or by multiple generators exporting power to a utility infrastructure.

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Batteries & Battery Maintenance

Battery Maintenance

Although sealed batteries are “Maintenance Free” THEY ARE NOT batteries are living things and need their state of health checked on a regular basis to avoid total failure when they are called upon to be used!

Preventive Battery Maintenance

We offer a maintenance regime of regular visits to test the health of the batteries and the environment they are in. There are many systems available for the monitoring of battery health, and many opinions on the best method, large UPS systems with many blocks must be treated differently to a small system of a few blocks but the battery condition of each block in both systems must be known.

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Power Factor Correction & Other Services

How does it affect me and my business?

If you are a UK electrical consumer, you should know about your Power Factor. Many electricity companies charge a penalty tarrif for using electrical energy inefficiently this penalty is based around the power factor value calculated from your electricity usage. Power factor is restored with the use of capacitors installed within Power Factor Correction Units these being designed around the anticipated usage of each building.

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